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Test Name
11q22 deletion/duplication, FISH, ATM gene
1q21 gain, FISH, CKS1B gene
ABL1 Rearrangement, FISH
ABL2 Rearrangement, FISH
ALL High Risk Pediatric FISH Panel
API2/MALT1 Fusion, t(11;18)(q21;q21), FISH
BCL2 Rearrangement, FISH
BCL6 Rearrangement, FISH
BCR/ABL1 Fusion Transcript, t(9;22)(q34;q11.2), RT-PCR
BCR/ABL1 Fusion, t(9;22)(q34;q11.2), FISH
BCR/ABL1 PCR -M, t(9;22)(q34;q11.2), Monitoring
BCR/ABL1 PCR-D, t(9;22)(q34;q11.2), Diagnostic sample
BCR/ABL1,ASS Tri-color Fusion, FISH, t(9;22)(q34;q11.2)
BRAF Rearrangement, FISH
CBFB Rearrangement, inv(16)(p13.1q22), FISH
CCND1/IgH Fusion, t(11;14)(q13;q32), FISH
CRLF2 Rearrangement, FISH
Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid, for Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
Chromosome Analysis, Amniotic Fluid-Abridged, for Pre-natal Genetic Diagnosis
Chromosome Analysis, Blood, Abridged Examination for Familial Chromosome Rearrangements
Chromosome Analysis, Blood, for Genetic Diagnosis
Chromosome Analysis, Bone Marrow, for Hematologic Disorders
Chromosome Analysis, Chorionic Villus Sample, for Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
Chromosome Analysis, Chorionic Villus Sample-Abridged, for Pre-natal Genetic Diagnosis
Chromosome Analysis, Products of Conception/Tissue Biopsy, for Genetic Diagnosis
Chromosome Analysis, Tumor/Pleural Effusion/Ascites fluid, for Neoplastic Disorders
Chromosome Analysis, Unstimulated Blood, for Hematologic Disorders
Core Binding Factor FISH Panel
DDIT3 (CHOP) Rearrangement, FISH, 12q13
DNA Isolation and Banking
DNA Isolation and one year storage
Deletion 13q14, FISH, D13S319
Deletion 17p13.1, FISH, TP53
Deletion 19q, FISH, Glial neoplasia
Deletion 1p, FISH, Glial neoplasia
Deletion 20q, FISH, D20S108
Deletion 5q31, Monosomy 5, FISH, EGR1
Deletion 7q31, Monosomy 7, FISH, D7S522
Deletion 9p21, FISH, P16
DiGeorge/Velo-cardio-facial/Shprintzen/Conotruncal anomaly syndrome, Deletion 22q11.2, TUPLE1, FISH, for Genetic Diagnosis
ERBB2 (HER2) Gene Amplification status, FISH
ETV6/RUNX1 (TEL/AML1) Fusion, t(12;21)(p13;q22), FISH
EWSR1 Rearrangement, FISH
FGFR1 Rearrangement, FISH, 8p11
FGFR3/IgH Fusion, t(4;14)(p16;q32), FISH
FIP1L1-CHIC2-PDGFRA Rearrangement, FISH
FUS Rearrangement, FISH, 16p11
Familial Mutation, Targeted Sequencing (TVARFAM)
Fragile X Analysis, Molecular Diagnosis
IGH Rearrangement, FISH
IGH/BCL2 Fusion, t(14;18)(q32;q21), FISH
IGH/MAF Fusion, t(14;16)(q32;q23), FISH
IGH/MAFB Fusion, t(14;20)(q32;q12), FISH
IGH/MALT1 Fusion, t(14;18)(q32;q21), FISH
Illumina Microarray Analysis
Illumina Microarray Analysis - Oncology
Illumina Microarray Analysis- Targeted Family
KMT2A [MLL] Rearrangement, FISH
MALT1 Rearrangement, FISH
MDM2 Gene Amplification status, FISH
MECOM Rearrangement, FISH
MYC Rearrangement, FISH
MYC/IgH Fusion, t(8;14)(q24;q32), FISH
Methylation Specific PCR, SNRPN gene, 15q
Myeloma FISH panel
Myeloma Hyperdiploidy FISH Panel
NUP98 Rearrangement, FISH
PDGFRB Rearrangement, FISH
PML/RARA Fusion Transcript, t(15;17)(q24;q21), RT-PCR
PML/RARA Fusion, t(15;17)(q24;q21), FISH
PlainSEEK Panel
Prenatal Aneuploidy Panel, FISH, Amniotic fluid
RARA Rearrangement, FISH, 17q21
RUNX1T1/RUNX1 (ETO/AML1) Fusion, t(8;21)(q22;q22), FISH
SRY (Sex determining Region on Y), Yp11.3, FISH, for Genetic Diagnosis
SS18 (SYT) Rearrangement, FISH
Stillbirth Aneuploidy Panel, FISH, Paraffin embedded fetal tissue
Sudden Unexplained Death in the Young (SUDY) Exome
TCR Rearrangement (TRA/D), FISH
Targeted Variant Analysis via Sanger DNA Sequencing
Tissue Culture and Shipment
Trisomy 10, FISH, CEP10
Trisomy 12, FISH, D12Z3
Trisomy 17, FISH, D17Z1
Trisomy 4, FISH, CEP4
Trisomy 8, FISH, D8Z2
Whole Exome Sequencing: Duo Analysis
Whole Exome Sequencing: Proband Analysis Only
Whole Exome Sequencing: Trio Analysis
X and Y sex chromosomes, FISH, DXZ1 and DYZ3