Tissue Culture and Shipment

WSLH Department: Cytogenetics
WSLH Test Code: 860
Availability: Monday-Friday 7:45 AM - 4:30 PM, Saturday 7:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Turn-around Time: 14-21 days for shipping cells. Test results are dependent on the testing facility.
Recommended Uses: Obtaining cell culture to be tested using biochemical (metabolic), molecular (DNA), and protein identification assays.
Additional Tests Performed:
Patient Preparations:
Specimen Requirements: Skin biopsy: 1-2mm punch biopsy OR Amniotic fluid: 15-20ml amniotic fluid
Specimen Handling & Transport: Store and transport specimens at room temperature (may transport with coolant during hot weather, >85 degrees F). DO NOT FREEZE. The laboratory must receive specimens within 24 hours of collection.
Collection Kit/Container:
Collection Instructions: ** Skin biopsies: Skin should be cleaned using alcohol; do not use iodine or betadine as these will compromise the cell growth in culture. Do a 1-2mm punch biopsy that goes full depth through the epidermis into the sub-cutaneous fat. Place the specimen in a sterile tissue vial containing transport media. ** Amniotic fluid: Collect amniotic fluid under sterile, ultrasound guided conditions using a 22-gauge needle inserted through the uterine wall and into the amniotic cavity. Discard the first 1-2ml of amniotic fluid to minimize the possibility of maternal cell contamination, and dispense 15-20 ml of the remaining fluid into two or three sterile 15 ml centrifuge tubes.
Unacceptable Conditions: Sample must not be frozen or processed with formalin.
Requisition Form: Cytogenetics Lab Genetic Diagnosis Form #131
Required Information: Laboratory regulations require the following minimum information to be provided on the requisition form for a specimen to be accepted for testing: Patient name or unique identifier; date and time of collection, patient date of birth and sex, specimen type/site of collection, test request(s), reason for referral, clinician name and UPIN, and address for reporting results. Please be certain that name/identifier on the form matches that on the specimen label. **Forms for the reference lab must be completed and submitted with the specimen.
Results Include:
Additional Tests Recommended:
Additional Comments:
Methodology: Aseptic culture of adherent cells from specimen.
Includes: Preparation of a cell culture from specimen. Cultured cells are shipped to the selected reference laboratory for desired testing.
CPT Code: 88233
Price: For pricing information, please call 608-262-0402.
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