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WSLH Department: CDD - Communicable Disease Division
WSLH Test Code: MM00253
Availability: Daily, Monday through Friday.
Turn-around Time: 1 day to 6 weeks for non-viable cultures
Recommended Uses: To identify the species of mycobacteria in a culture isolate.
Additional Tests Performed:
Patient Preparations:
Specimen Requirements: Isolate of an acid fast organism on solid or in liquid media commonly used for the isolation of mycobacteria species.
Specimen Handling & Transport: Cultures may be transported to the laboratory at ambient temperatures. Avoid temperature extremes. Cultures of M. tuberculosis complex should be packaged and transported according to the guidelines outlined for "Category A Infectious Substances". Cultures containing unidentified acid-fast organisms should be packaged and transported according to guidelines for "Category B Biological Substances".
Collection Kit/Container:
Collection Instructions:
Unacceptable Conditions:
Requisition Form: CDD Requisition Form A
Required Information: Laboratory regulations require the following minimum information to be provided on the requisition form for a specimen to be accepted for testing: Patient name or unique identifier; date and time of collection, patient date of birth and sex, specimen type/site of collection, test request(s), clinician name and UPIN, and address for reporting results. Please be certain that name/identifier on the form matches that on the specimen label.
Results Include: Species or group/complex identification
Limitations: **Mixed or contaminated cultures will take longer and an identification may not be possible.

**Identification of poorly growing or non-viable acid-fast organisms may not be possible.

**Identification of aerobic actinomycetes, other than Nocardia species, to the genus level is not performed.
Additional Tests Recommended: **Identification of aerobic actinomycetes to the species level can be performed at National Jewish Health. See MM02879 - Mycobacteria Susceptibility Testing - National Jewish Health for send-out requirements. **For susceptibility testing of clinically significant mycobacteria isolates, see M. tuberculosis (TB) Susceptibility first line drugs, and M. avium complex (MAC) susceptibility. Susceptibility testing is performed automatically on all initial M. tuberculosis complex isolates. For other susceptibility testing, see MM02879 - Mycobacteria Susceptibility Testing - National Jewish Health.
Additional Comments: **If cultures are known to be mixed or contaminated, please note this on the requisition at time of submission to maximize isolation of pure organism. ** Genexpert MTB/RIF testing will automatically be performed on any TB-positive respiratory specimens from WI residents. **An initial M. tuberculosis complex isolate is also genotyped as part of the CDC universal genotyping program.
Methodology: Mycobacteria identification may include one or more of the following analyses: MALDI-TOF, real-time PCR, 16S/rpoB gene sequencing, and growth characteristics.
Includes: Identification of Mycobacterium to the complex or species level.
CPT Code: 87118
Price: $99.00
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