Mumps IgG Immune Status Print

WSLH Department: CDD - Communicable Disease Division
WSLH Test Code: SS02135
Availability: Test is performed weekly.
Turn-around Time: 1-8 days
Recommended Uses: Evaluation of Mumps immune status. May also be used for quantitative paired sera testing for confirmation of recent or current infection.
Additional Tests Performed:
Patient Preparations: Routine blood draw.
Specimen Requirements: Minimum of 0.5 ml serum
Specimen Handling & Transport: Store serum specimen at 2-8 degrees C and transport with frozen cool packs.
Collection Kit/Container: Serology Specimens
Sterile Transfer Tube
Collection Instructions: Routine blood draw
Unacceptable Conditions: Obvious microbial contamination and lipemic specimens
Requisition Form: CDD Requisition Form B
Required Information: Laboratory regulations require the following minimum information to be provided on the requisition form for a specimen to be accepted for testing: Patient name or unique identifier; date and time of collection, patient date of birth and sex, specimen type/site of collection, test request(s), clinician name and UPIN, and address for reporting results. Please be certain that name/identifier on the form matches that on the specimen label.
Results Include: Mumps IgG Antibody Positive, Indeterminate or Negative, and Interpretation. Positive indicates the level of Mumps IgG antibody detected can usually be considered protective. Indeterminate indicates an insufficient level of antibody to assure protection. Negative indicates Mumps IgG not detected and patient susceptible to infection.
Limitations: Heterologous antibody responses have been reported due to the presence of other paramyxoviruses such as parainfluenza virus. This may result in a false positive mumps reaction. Positive IgG results in neonates must be interpreted with caution since maternal antibody is transferred from the mother to the fetus before birth. IgM assays are more useful indicators of infection in children below the age of six months.
Additional Tests Recommended: Mumps Virus PCR and Mumps IgM Antibody recommended for diagnosis of current infection.
Additional Comments:
Methodology: Indirect Fluorescent Antibody (IFA).
Includes: Semi-quantitative IgG IFA assay for the detection of IgG antibodies to Mumps virus.
CPT Code: 86735
Price: $35.00
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