Newborn Screening Panel Print

WSLH Department: Newborn Screening Laboratory
WSLH Test Code: NB28100
Availability: Monday - Saturday
Turn-around Time: 48-72 hours for screening negative (normal) results; Screening positive (abnormal) results are communicated to health care provider as soon as they are available
Recommended Uses: Screen babies for listed congenital disorders
Additional Tests Performed:
Patient Preparations: See back of collection card (213), and the newborn screening website:
Specimen Requirements: Whole blood spotted on filter paper. The filter paper is part of the collection kit.
Specimen Handling & Transport: Dry card horizontally for a minimum of 3 hrs. Dried specimens should be transported to State Laboratory of Hygiene within 24 hours of specimen collection (the State Laboratory of Hygiene provides a next-day courier delivery service).
Collection Kit/Container: 213-Newborn Screening Blood Collection Card
Collection Instructions: Specimens should be collected within 24-48 hours after birth. For extended hospitalizations, follow the recommendations posted on the newborn screening website:
Unacceptable Conditions: Newborn screening specimens are deemed unsatisfactory for testing for the following reasons: Blood clots; Layered blood; Incomplete saturation; Plasma separation for red blood cells; Contamination of filter paper; Damage to filter paper; Blood on tan cover; Delay in transit more than seven days.
Requisition Form: Attached to blood collection card
Required Information: Each data field on the requisition form (
Results Include: A recommendation for follow-up action, if necessary
Limitations: Test results may be compromised if: Specimen is collected prior to 24 hours after birth; Specimen is collected after baby has received a blood transfusion; Specimen is collected while baby is receiving total parenteral nutrition
Additional Tests Recommended: Confirmatory testing or a repeat newborn screen may be recommended, depending on test results.
Additional Comments:
Methodology: Enzymatic assay, immunoreaction assay, electrophoresis, high performance liquid chromography, tandem mass spectrometry, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), real-time PCR, digital droplet PCR, and sequencing technology
Includes: Screen for the following disorders: arginosuccinic acidemia, biotinidase deficiency, citrullinemia (I & II), congenital adrenal hyperplasia, congenital hypothyroidism, cystic fibrosis, fatty acid oxidation disorders (12), galactosemia, sickle cell disease, hemoglobin S-Beta thalessemia, hemoglobin S-C disease, hemoglobin E-Beta thalessemia, Beta thalassemia, homocystinuria, hypermethioninemia, maple syrup disease, organic acidemia (12), phenylketonuria (PKU), hyperphenylalaninemia, tyrosinemia (I, II & III), severe combined immune deficiency (SCID), and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), and Pompe disease.
CPT Code: S3620
Price: $195.00 effective 7/11/23
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