Enteric Bacterial Identification Print

WSLH Department: CDD - Communicable Disease Division
WSLH Test Code: MP00460
Availability: Monday - Friday
Turn-around Time: 3-10 days
Recommended Uses: Identification of enteric bacterial pathogens.
Additional Tests Performed:
Patient Preparations:
Specimen Requirements: Pure culture of an enteric pathogen from stool culture or suspected enteric pathogens isolated from another body site (blood, urine, etc.) on nutritive medium agar slants. Agar plates not recommended for shipping.
Specimen Handling & Transport: Isolates may be stored and transported at ambient temperatures.
Shiga-toxin producing E. coli are category A infectious substances and must be packaged according to current regulations.
Collection Kit/Container:
Collection Instructions:
Unacceptable Conditions: Mixed cultures may significantly lengthen turnaround time.
Requisition Form: CDD Requisition Form A
Required Information: Please indicate suspected organism on the test request form. Laboratory regulations require the following minimum information to be provided on the requisition form for a specimen to be accepted for testing: Patient name or unique identifier; date and time of collection, patient date of birth and sex, specimen type/site of collection, test request(s), clinician name and UPIN, and address for reporting results. Please be certain that name/identifier on the form matches that on the specimen label.
Results Include: Species identification, may include serotyping if applicable.
Limitations: Cultures must be viable for identification.
Additional Tests Recommended:
Additional Comments:
Methodology: Test includes MALDI-TOF, 16S PCR, and/or biochemical identification and serotyping/grouping when applicable.
Includes: Genus and species identification of isolates in the Enterobacterales, Vibrionaceae, or Campylobacteraceae families.
CPT Code: 87077
Price: $105.00
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